My artworks are available for sale and if you would like more information please e mail me via the feedback page or at info@jacquelinetalbot.co.uk  For a look at my artwork in more detail you can visit Artfinder  If you are interested in purchasing a piece please feel free to contact me directly as prices displayed on Artfinder are negotiable 

Here is a gallery of recent work:


'Self Portrait with Nudibranch 1' - Graphite and Colour Pencil on Paper, 21x29cm, 2021


'Self Portrait with Nudibranch' - Graphite and Colour Pencil on Paper, 21x29cm, 2021


'The War of Healing' - Crayon, Marker Pen and Acrylic Paint on Paper, 41x27.5cm, 2021


'Tracking the Pandemic' - Colour Pencil, Oil Pastel and Pen on Paper, 29x42cm, 2020


'Purgation' - Colour Pencil on Paper, 24x30cm, 2019


'Star' - Colour Pencil on Paper, 29.7x40cm, 2017


'Abstract Ocean' - Colour Pencil on Paper, 29.7x42cm, 2017


'Elements' - Colour Pencil on Paper, 34.5x29.7cm, 2017


'Pineapple Heart' - Colour Pencil on Paper, 29.7x38.3cm, 2017


'Breathe Deeply' - Colour and Graphite Pencil on Paper, 29.7x42cm, 2016


'My Identity' - Colour and Graphite Pencil and Pen on Paper, 29.7x42cm, 2016


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